Which Touch Screen Signage Solution Is The Best For Outdoors?

Which Touch Screen Signage Solution Is The Best For Outdoors?

Imagine a touchscreen signal that continues to function despite a scratched screen, can withstand the elements of the outdoors, and remains robust despite constant use.

If your business requires touchscreen signage for an outdoor event or indoor setting ฟิล์มอัจฉริยะ, it is recommended full touchscreen digital signage with projected capacitive touch sheet technology.

Why touch screen digital signage?

The benefits of touchscreen digital signage include:

  • Touch screen interactivity
  • Data collection
  • Audience measurement
  • Point of sale integration.

Digital signage has made giant strides in terms of innovation and technology, enabling a more interactive signage medium. The benefit to the business is that such innovations have improved interaction with employees and the consumer audience alike.

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So what’s new in touch screen digital signage?

Advances in digital signage technology have allowed:

  • Web-based open source software
  • Interaction with mobile devices.
  • The use of social networking sites to interact and share information from the screen.
  • Audience recognition

Employee-Oriented Digital Signage – Touch screen LCD panels that allow employees to view information in real time Chiefway Smart Film. These are more commonly used in banks today, allowing employees to monitor customer queues, wait times, and bank employee performance.

The benefits of using projected capacitive foils

Five key attributes of the projected capacitive solutions include:

  • Its ability to work through glass.
  • Its aptitude to purpose in the event that an individual is wearing gloves.
  • The fact that it provides a truthfully flat front surface.
  • Its skill of operating in spite of scratches to the glass.
  • Its skill of providing superior clarity, multi-touch options, and greater robustness.

How do projected capacitive touchscreens compare?

Arguably the two most important attributes of projected capacitive touchscreens are their durability and versatility. Compared to alternatives, the flexibility offered by projected capacitive touchscreens is second to none.

Provided the qualities of predictable capacitive touchscreens, the issues recognised with additional signage solutions have been eliminated.

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Who is on board?

Touchscreen digital signage solutions, especially projected capacitive touchscreens, have been accepted by a number of industry sectors Chiefway Thailand, which means there is great potential for your business to join a growing trend and steal an edge. 

Key areas of growth include:

  • The medical sector
  • Corporate and educational institutions
  • Hospitality industry
  • Retail sector
  • Government bodies
  • Transportation hubs

For multi-purpose signage use, especially when touch screen digital signage becomes more prominent in the outdoor arena, combination of capacitive touch foil technology and digital displays represents the best solution on the market for businesses. .

Protected, reliable and versatile signage provides businesses with a wide variety of options for implementing outdoor digital signage.

Consider this

Is your business about to host a big outdoor event? So the projected capacitive touch screen digital signage solution is the most viable option to alert consumers to your brand and is a modern and contemporary way to promote your business in the world.

In summary

Projected capacitive touch screen digital signage represents the future of outdoor signage. Offering superior benefits over alternatives, the versatility and robust nature of such signs make them the perfect solution for any indoor or outdoor location.

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