Digital Transformation

The Importance Of Digital Transformation For The Company

In the business world, for large, inflexible corporations, the competition will come from ideas developed by young people, with relatively low investment. Some will be born in garages or small offices, this is how UBER was born, today valued at more than US $ 25 billion. Solutions will surely be invented that will grow exponentially and will serve to establish new businesses in all areas. Businesses that we do not imagine today.

The changes that we can observe today in biotechnology and robotics are really spectacular, the manufacturing costs of new products are falling rapidly, as an example we have 3D printers, sensors, and equipment to take advantage of solar energy, and more and more we are getting used to leaving a good part of our memory on cell phones and even in the cloud.

Today we are forced to think exponentially. Super accelerated and even disruptive change forces us to do so. We have to learn to handle ourselves in that new world, in the world we live in today, where change is hyper-accelerated. Large corporations scattered throughout the planet will have to face and overcome the challenge of operating with agility and flexibility, otherwise, they will perish, as the dinosaurs perished for not adapting to changes in the environment.

Those who have dedicated themselves to studying the subject argue that in the relative medium-term exponential growth organizations will surpass traditional linear growth organizations, we have many examples: “Trivago” or “Airbnb” for hotel or apartment reservations, “Open English” for learning English or “Amazon” for online sales; all of them growing vertiginously because they take advantage of a world in which information grows exponentially.

Today, large companies with numerous workforces lose the flexibility to compete effectively. At the moment that you read this article, more than 4,000 million people are connected to the Internet. This colossal resource is already at the command of new ideas, of new exponential growth organizations, of the new business world that is emerging. The Internet has made it possible to create communities of interests throughout the planet that are at the command of new entrepreneurs, for the generation of ideas and the development of projects.

In the contemporary world in which we live, an immense volume of information is generated, inside and outside each one of the companies, ends up being underutilized. One of the greatest challenges facing the organization of the 21st century is precisely the management of data, to turn it into relevant information, being vital to ensure survival in an increasingly competitive market.

Executives in all companies should learn and unlearn traditional schemes that become ballast and do their best to catch up with the digital trend, which is real and emerging everywhere today. And in this line, it is convenient to identify linear growth organizations, which are traditional corporations, those employees with transformative potential who can achieve a disruptive mind.

We must assume that like it or not, disruption seems to be the norm of business growth in this 21st century, we are observing how startups like mushrooms emerge all over the planet, incubators of digital transformation companies, which take advantage of ideas from the more than 4000 millions of people connected to the internet.

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